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Advocating for Change

This assignment requires you to write a 1000- to 1200-word academic essay that advocates for a specific solution to the social problem you defined in Paper One. I already discussed the problem in my paper one it is about alcohol addiction. so in this paper we have to persuade people to end drunk driving by using one solution which is by doing campaigns . i will add files of my paper one that i wrote just to have alookat it but dont copy anything from it because i did not score well in it and i will add this paper requirments please read it carefully. 

In the paper they ask us to use AUD library which is my university library to pick up 3 sources from there i already picked 3 from there the first one is 
“Drunk Driving Campaign Targets Hispanics.”
“Driving under the Influence on Venice’s Canals.”
“American Beverage Licensees Attack Mothers Against Drunk Driving.”
I choose these 3 sources from aud library but you can use yours if you want to but please 3 sources have to be from AUD LIBRARY and any other 2 from google so i can have access to them and  print all sources  because the professor needs them.
i will also add what i wrote in class and the professors comments you can have a look at them for advices.

Many drive under the influence of alcohol, which is a serious problem. The consequences are guilt and regret you will deal with if someone gets injured because of your drunk driving. Safe driving needs driving skills which are judgment, vision and reaction. Alcohol impairs critical driving skills. There are ways to approach to solve this problem, but in this paper i will be talking about one solution which is affevtive and can help lower the drunk driving percentage, the solution is making mass media campaigns because many people nowdays are media active whether by listening to radio, watching tv, reading magazines and recognizing bill boards in streets while driving. This solution can be very effective and target the audience we want them to hear. Mass media campaigns reduce alcohol-impaired driving and alcohol-related crashes with injuries and fatalities.

This paper shows how drunk driving can lead to fatal accidents. It also has a negative economic impact on individuals and the country as a whole. This paper proposes a public awareness campaign and clear laws and penalties for drunk driving as a solution to the problem of drunk driving.

One of the best solutions is by mass media campaigns, whether on tv, radio, magazines, bill boards or newspaper it can all raise awareness to prevent drunk driving accidents and injuries. Campaigns often focus on the negative consequences that can be caaused either by self harming or by putting others in danger. Sharing stories on radio and mentioning this problem, is the best solution to target audience. These campaigns will impact on the choices others make, whether to driving after drinking or not. No one would like to loose one of their family members or friends one day due to drunk driving accidents, that is the reasom why we have to give this topic some of our time, and work on it to reduce the amounts of deaths, accidents and other disasters. This is not a situation which can be ignored because we as humans can be victims to some random guy who left his house depressed and drunk, also not only us as humans, but animals on streets too. “Highway deaths are down overall, and the percentage of those deaths due to drunk drivers is down from 42% in 1982 to 26.4% today” (according to Anheusor-Buseh). These campaigns work best to target all audience, through print strories, television news stories and radio talking, this will not need the law enforcement to keep the road safe. We should persuade the dangerous group of drivers, that refuses to hear any advices or stories of others, and those kind of drivers threaten us all.


I like the idea of public service media campaigns against drunk driving, but your paragraphs need to be much more detailed in terms of how those campaigns will be targeted, what their content will be, and what their results are likely to be. To accomplish this, you should provide evidence of actual campaigns from the past that have used radio, television, social media, or physical events in schools and universities to raise awareness about drunk driving. Right now your draft is lacking in such detail, which undermines its effectiveness. 

You should also think about how you are going to structure your paragraphs. What specific points will your various argument paragraphs discuss? Knowing this in advance will help you focus your research and develop your writing more efficiently.