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Abortion remains a hotly debated issue within contemporary Ethics

APA Writing Style Required

~All papers must use 12 point font

~800 words double spaced

~Paper must be arranged in paragraphs

~Each paper must include 2-3 direct quotes

~3-5 citations, attributions, etc. must be included and obviously utilized within the body of the paper

A full reference section must be included at the end of the paper

Respond to the following:

Abortion remains a hotly debated issue within contemporary Ethics. The challenges and privileges of pregnancy are ultimately considered a “women’s issue”, although men are most often directly involved in the impregnation of women (this question is not addressing artificial insemination, etc.).

The responsibility of fathers is being re-examined. Is it reasonable or morally sound to consider implementing a legal requirement that unmarried adult men, who father children, but fail to meet court ordered child support payments 5 or more times, be subjected to mandatory vasectomies?

Be certain to identify ethical theory to support your position. Use formal research with proper attribution, etc. Wikipedia, is NOT formal research.

The essay is due on 10th, but i want it on the 8th of April

just follow the steps and make sure it follows the APA FORMAT