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In this Essay you need have:
Section A1: Rationale.   4-6 pages
1: Introductory paragraph clearly introduces the public health problem (PHP) and provides data that undersce the significance of the PHP at the national, state, or local levels (e.g., morbidity, mortality, societal cost data).
2: Relevant prevalence data about the public health problem as the national, state, and local level are provided.
3: A high-risk population is identified, data are used to support the prioritized population.
4: A public health recommendation or objective is provided; A public health authority on the subject is cited (such as CDC, Healthy People, The US Preventative Task Force).
5: Modifiable precursors to the health problem are described, which a focus on the ones that will be addressed by the proposed EBI. Data and evidence are cited and describe why and how the precursors are relevant and the most important to address for changing the PHP.
6: In-text citations (Source, Year).
Section A2: Needs Assessment Plan.   1.5 – 3pages
1: Relevant local epidemiological data are identified as needed and why they are needed, and a reasonable plan for the source of the information and method of collection is provided.
2: There are plans to assess past and current programs of relevance, with an explanation of what info is needed, the source of the info, the method of collection, and purpose of collection.
3: There are plans to assess the community perceptions, with an explanation of what info is needed, the source of the info, the method of collection, and purpose of the collection.
Section B1 – EBI description (Describe the details and results of the original program)   approx. 2-4 pages
Section B2 – Adaptions (Describe what changes will be made to create your adapted version of the EBI) – approx. 1-2 pages
Section B3 – Mission, Goals, & Objectives (Write each of these for your adapted program) – approx. 1-2 pages

Section C.1 Implementation Plan     2 pages

  • Summarize the overall plan of the major tasks that need to be completed and when (or in what order) to effectively/efficiently implement the proposed plan, once funding is received.
  • Provide a timeline (a table) with the major tasks and the months they will occur.
  • Describe the pilot testing or phase-in approach, the purpose of the pilot test or phase-in approach, and how it relates to the program’s success and entry into full-scale implementation.

Section C.2 Evaluation Plan.       2 pages

  • Summarize the overall evaluation design (experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental; pre-post test, post-only test, or time series).
  • Provide a description of the prosed plan for process evaluation, impact evaluation, and outcome evaluation. Describe how each of your process, impact, and outcome objectives will be measured (i.e., what data will be collected and how will it be collected?), when these will be measured, and why the proposed approach is appropriate for the program given available resources.
  • A.1 Rationale for Give Teens Vaccines in Santa Clara County
  • -HPV infections and cancer rates
    -HPV vaccinations to prevent infection and cancer
    -HPV recommendation for 11-12 years olders – 2-3 doses
    -Reasons for not getting vaccinated (should align with your program) – Why is a program that has clinicians recommending the vaccine and clinics calling/reminding parents about vaccine appointments

    A.2 Needs Assessment Plan
    -How will you find out what clinics should be in your program?
    -How will you find out how those clinics promote HPV vaccines and schedule/notify parents?
    -How will your parents want to receive their notifications?
    -What do the clinicians and parents think of the HPV vaccine?

    B.1 Description of Give Teens Vaccines
    -Give Teens Vaccines program approach, theory (Social-ecological model: clinic and family components), and antecedents

  • All reference need citation use APA Style.
-B.1 – What is described is not a behavior change program. You need a program that was implemented that changed HPV vaccination behaviors (measuring change over time following a behavior change program),
I will give you sample plan.