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A new power monitoring system ( BMS
Project Background :
A new power monitoring system ( BMS ) will be replaced to a old office building. it is include a lighting, Air conditioning and regular electrical equipment.
Before the replacement, there a using a mechanism power meter to monitor the power usage. For that,  decide to add a new digital power management system which is BMS
Also, the old system is presete to have critical energy waste. For example the office lighting , Air conditioning still  working with overnight but there are no one in the office.
you can compare the date before and after.
Project Including:
Chapter 1.* Introduction
1.1 background of your report.
why you choose this topic, invention or problem solving?
1.2 scope of work
1.3 Aims
1.4 objectives
1.5 the layout of this report.
Chapter 2
will talk about *literature survey* related to your project title.
For example, update the old power monitoring system and using BMS
 *Chapter 3*
 will be the Methodology based on authors who did it successfully and published their works in articles/papers which should be quite close to chosen topic through Google scholar.
 *Chapter 4*
 is mainly talking about the raw data you obtained from the theories, equations or the experiental methods through chapter 3, i.e. the methodology.
 *Chapter 5*
can be the analysed results based on the raw data from chapter 4 above, by using mathematical technique, or statistical skills to arrive at a result.
In this chapter, you can use the analysed results to produce tables, curves, histograms, pie charts, etc, to enrich the  reports..
 *Chapter 6* *Conclusions*
how good you can testify and verify your applied theories and equations from chapter 2,i.e. the serached literatures to achieve the AIMS which you’ve promised in *chapter 1* under the sub-item 1.3.
The literature reviews shall be searched from ** for at least 5 articles/papers from the worldwide authors /scholars. You need to highlight their successful works with which they are suitable and meeting your chosen title as a result.
Afterwards you need to cite the authurs’ names and their papers you searched and studied into the “References” at the end of your report in
Word at least (9000 words)