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React to the following scenario: “A leader cares enough to have the difficult conversation.” You have a new employee in whom you see real potential; it is known that this person has good background experience, great credentials, and a solid education for this type of employment, yet you see real insecurities that could undermine those strengths. You see this person gradually slipping in performance.

Use the following questions as a guide for preparing your “monologue” or “dialogue” you would have with this person:

  • Which of the Pausch insights from chapters 1-11 of The Last Lecture would you use to motivate and/or encourage a struggling new co-worker?
  • Which of your attributes could assist or hinder your ability to befriend this person?
  • What idea would you select from BML 422 Organizational Behavior or BML 323 Human Resources Management to support what you would say and how you would do that?
  • What motivational theory idea from your coursework would support your approach?

Set up your response in the following manner:

1. Original title that fits assignment and scenario

2.  Student name (yours), course information

3. Describe briefly the CONTEXT for the “Difficult Conversation”; this is separate from the dialogue/monologue section.

4.  Then share your monologue or dialogue you would have with this person.  What would be the important points you are mentally preparing to share?  Make the connection directly or indirectly to the advice shared in the Last Lecture either as an example or phrases you are borrowing…Don’t forget the motivational theory you are drawing upon for this “talk.”