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Writing Reports;The core structure of a report has six sections

The following structure can be used for report writing at university level or for report writing in a professional business situation. The principles for research, drafting, editing and rewriting your report are the same as those for essay writing. The only difference is the overall structure.

The core structure of a report has six sections which can be arranged either deductively or

inductively, depending on specific requirements. Employ the inductive style if you want to lead readers through your argument and convince them of your position. For the purposes of 110.209 you

will need to use the inductive style.



Format for 110.209 Reports

Title page  Title of report

 Name of person submitting the report

 Name of person to whom the report is being submitted(if the assignment gives instructions re

who the report is addressed to, this should be that person or group e.g. Board of Directors)  Date of submission

 Subject of Report

Introduction Briefly details the context and subject of the report

 Defines the objectives of the report

 Outlines the scope of the investigation  Indicates the broad conclusion reached by the report

 Comments on any limitation of the report and assumptions made

Discussion  Explains your conclusions

 Justifies your recommendations  Presents evidence for your conclusions  Shows effects of current situations and potential benefits from your recommendations

 Is divided into numbered sections with headings  Cites any theoretical arguments which support your position



 Relates to the objectives detailed in the introduction  Is a list of numbered points

 Shows major conclusions first

 Is short but identifies major issues

Recommendations  Suggest an action

 Are related to discussion and conclusion

 Are numbered

Inductive (required for 110.209 report)

Title page


Discussion Conclusion

Recommendation(s) (If required)




 Are arranged in order of importance  Are brief



If it is an internal Assignment, you will need to provide references in a consistent style for the preferred method used by the School of Accountancy (APA for 110.209). References are not

expected in examinations.