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Write a paper of at 4-6 pages, would like 6 pages but no more than 6 full pages, typed in MLA format with an original title and a Works Cited list.  Analyzing August Wilson’s
Fences. In addition to using the play as your primary source, create
your own argument in response to Fences. Decide what message you
think we can take away from it.  Use at least one outside source as
support for your interpretation (3 quotes from an outside

-Introduction paragraph
-Engage your readers’ interest with a relevant hook
-Provide background information for both the play and your outside
-Include a Thesis
-Explain your interpretation of the play – what significant message or
point do you take away from it and why.
-Body paragraphs (3 or more paragraphs). Each paragraph should:
-Use quotes from the play as well as quotes from an article of multiple
articles to support
your unique argument/interpretation of Fences.
-Conclusion paragraph (1 paragraph)
– Wrap up your argument and leave your readers with something
interesting to think about.
– Works Cited List (include citation information for both the play and
the other source(s) you quoted or consulted for the paper.