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Im not sure how to write and research a topic that has not been study in the past. I would like to rsearch about women health in underserved community.  I just dont know what to write about. This course is about writing and the progress each week of the journal

Every research project requires a research topic, hypothesis or research question, and methodology. Your hypothesis will guide your entire research project. When you select your research methods, you have tomake sure it relates to your hypothesis. Otherwise, it may not be relevant in your study. This is important as you create a research study that is both valid and reliable.

Write your research topic, hypothesis or research questions, and methodology.

• Submit your assignment as a MS Word Doc.
• Your paper should be 1-5 pages, double-spaced.
• Use 12-point font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman)

Consider the following when deciding on a research topic and completing your assignment:

• What do you want to know at the end of your study?
• Do you want to use primary or secondary data?
• How will you get the information/data (i.e., data collection)?
• Who will you study (i.e., target population)?
• Can you complete your data collection and analysis in 4-6 weeks?
• Can you complete your entire study and journal article in 12-16 weeks?