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wiriting project

This is not an essay is a wiritng project. it have strict instructions.  The sources you need to get it from this videos and the second is this  the other thre are from the book california criminal law concepts chapter 3,5, and 7. I will send the chapters in photos.

The intrcutions are:

The WP is due the date indicated in the following table.  The weight for the WP is 30% of a student’s final grade, and students who fail to submit the WP will fail the course.  Use of second-level headings and citing are mandatory.  The WP shall consist of a minimum of 1,000 words and no more than 1,200 words, and shall address the following points:

  1. Using college-level writing, summarize two videos and one student presentation from different days of the semester.
  2. Also, explain one topic from each of the following chapters: 3, 5, and 7, (citing of the text required) and relate each of the topics to media report from the OC District Attorney Press Release website ( that published one to six months ago.
  3. Write in third person; do not use the pronouns I, you, our, or we. Use Times New Roman 12 Font size and double-space. In-text cite content limited to six words maximum.
  4. Include either a Works Cited (if MLA) or References page (if APA).
  5. The WP shall contain a report heading indicating: To, From, Date, Subject, and Word Count placed in the upper left-hand corner. The introductory paragraph of the WP shall follow this format, substituting student selections as required: “This Writing Project (WP) contains the following two videos and one student presentation: (a) a video about, (b) a video about, and (c) a student presentation about.  This WP also contains the following three chapter topics: (a) topic, (b) topic, and (c) topic.”  Students should refer to the online Purdue Owl Writing Lab for directions regarding writing in active voice and third person.
I will send the start of the essay the part where it says student presentation I will do it.