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-This is the research that define on the “Cambodian Youths Decision toward owning a property in Cambodia.” Since Cambodia culture is to live on a Landed Property but nowadays there is a change in choosing the home for the youth which is between Landed Property and Condominium.

-Must use plageriams check

-similarity rate MUST below 20%
-APA 7th Edition
-Minimun 5-10 references/academic journal articles
-This research will be more on Quantitative, please design the questionnaire too and I will be here fully available to work tgt with you for the interviewer part.
Table of content must be:
1. Introduction/background
2. Research Questions and Objectives (use SMART objectives)
3. Methodology
—> 3.1 Research Design
—> 3.2 Data Collection
4. Timescale (use Gantt Chart)
5. Resources
6. Conclusion and recommendation
7. References
Please refer to APPENDIX 1 for more detail.