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According to our discussions, one of the most effective ways of improving well-being in the long term is the exploration and engagement of our signature strengths in new ways. To this end, you will be proposing five new experiences for you to engage with during the coming weeks. These five experiences need to be
1) a new activity or habit that utilizes one of your strengths (e.g. “forgiveness” compels me to pick up other people’s litter);
2) each of your signature strengths must be used at least once;
3) these must be activities that align with your personality (e.g. an introvert won’t say they’re going to a big party);
4) these must be activities or habits you have not done before or at least are not currently doing as part of your routine;
5) these must be activities or habits you can feasibly and realistically engage with (e.g. no “skydiving”).
Finally, for each activity you list you must predict the effect that activity will have on your well being, and explain that effect through the lens of PERMA.