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  1. Briefly describe the disease
  2. Discuss a treatment protocol, innovations in medication or technology such as a new diagnostic test, or surgical procedure, or a new way to interpret data for patient safety.
  3. How will this be helpful in treating patients?  What are the possible risks or negative aspects?
  4. Given that patient safety is a huge initiative in healthcare, how do you see your role be as a future RN in protecting patients who are receiving the treatment, medication, or other intervention?  What do you anticipate you will need to do, look out for, or alert others about on the healthcare team?
  5. You will need two authentic web sources, cited in-text and referenced You must write your discussion at a professional level – speaking to future RNs who have had a host of pre-requisite science classes already and do not need to have basic fundamentals explained such as “Infections are caused by germs” – so using patient websites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic will result in a loss of points.