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Transnational history of the MediterraneanĀ 

Students will submit an essay (week 15) on a topic they chose from a list provided by the instructors. The paper will be evaluated by taking into account the analytical, organizational and formalistic quality of the work. The due paper is expected to be between 3,000 and 4,000 words long.

Suggested topics for your final papers:

  1. Narratives of captivity in the Barbary World.
  2. Early Modern Livorno (Leghorn) and the Jews
  3. Mediterranean cosmopolitism
  4. Malta and the Mediterranean, 1565 to 1801.
  5. Europeans in the Levant in the eighteenth century
  6. Orientalism and colonialism in 19th Mediterranean
  7. The Mediterranean as a battlefield for the early modern empires.
  1. The Sykes-Picot agreement and the birth of the post-WW1 Middle-East.
  2. Cultural, religious and ethnic stereotypes in the post-WW2 movie production.
  3. War in the Mediterranean as a part of global empires’ strategies (19th-21th centuries).

Should you prefer a different topic, please discuss it with your instructor.

I do not care what topic you pick. I am open to discuss what would be easiest fro the writer. Thank you.