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For this discussion, you should find and read a peer-reviewed journal

article that discusses the utilization of linear regression.  Use the DBA Article Review Guidelines (#1-9)
   Note errors in first version……
 You state that regression can be used to
“determine the causal link between
variables”, but that is absolutely not the
case and it is extremely important to
understand that, because a statement like
that is something that could cause a
student to fail their dissertation defense.
Neither regression, nor any other test that
we can do in field research, can show
causation. Regression can only indicate
that one or more variables can be used to
predict levels of a dependent variable, but
not that they cause the outcome. For
example, while scores on the SAT or ACT
may well be able to predict one’s ultimate
college GPA, those test scores do not
cause the GPA to be where it is. That is a
critical distinction to understand. for this article.