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Analyze and assess Kafka’s conception of modern alienation. What does Kafka have to teach us about the nature of freedom in

the modern world?

(The paragraph below are the instructions from my professor)
Your goal is to articulate a particular philosophical theme that we’ve discussed. Tell us why it’s important, show how the author articulates this point in the text, and then say whether the point is right or wrong or somewhere in-between. You want your reader to 1) understand the nature of the philosophical argument, 2) see how the author articulates this argument, and 3) be persuaded as to the rightness or wrongness of the philosophical point under discussion.

Don’t worry about outside sources, but you are welcome to use them if you are making a specific point from a specific author. Generally, points about various philosophical theories (moral theories, metaphysical ideas, etc.) don’t need citations. Just use what we’ve talked about in the lectures and discussion posts. Obviously, if you directly quote the text, cite the page number, but otherwise don’t worry about citing the texts.

I don’t care specifically about MLA or whatever.

The Kafka link I put in the files area is the only reading he has given us. Please get most of the information needed from there rather from

online sources. Online sources are allowed as well but I’d prefer to use the link I sent. I also have to submit through TurnItIn and I don’t want the risk of plagiarism.