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The master narrative of the Texas Rangers

 Homework Prompt:

There are two narratives of the Texas Rangers: the master (dominant, popular) narrative and the counter (opposite, lesser known) narrative. You learned about the wide number of films that reinforce the master narrative of the Texas Rangers (good guys who brought law and order) and viewed a few examples of the master narrative. You also watched short video clips that presented a counter-narrative of the Texas Rangers (bad guys who murdered innocent ethnic Mexicans – Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans – in the 1910s along the Texas-Mexico border).

Imagine you had to create a museum exhibit on the Texas Rangers for their 200th anniversary in 1823 (the year the proto-Rangers were born). What specific ideas would you highlight, and why? Is it possible, in your view, to reconcile (combine and honor) the master and counter narratives of the Texas Rangers? If so, how could one do so? If not, why is it not possible to do so? 


Please cite the reading as follows: As mentioned in the (name of source you used) video clip, … or According to (name of source you used), … However, if you cite an outside source, then please give the name of the outside source and include a link to it. TY!


100 to >90 pts

All questions answered. Clear arguments. Two or more pieces of evidence that back up arguments: (Quotes from the readings, statistics from the readings, or stories that relate directly to the reading). Proper citation(s).

II. “La Matanza” (The Slaughter) & State-Sanctioned Violence (1910s-1920s): REMEMBRANCES


A. Texas Rangers Heritage Center Introduction video clip,

      • (Links to an external site.)

B. The Texas Rangers, dir. Phil Karlson (1951) film excerpt,


III. “La Matanza” (The Slaughter) & State-Sanctioned Violence (1910s-1920s): RECKONINGS


A. Refusing to Forget, Life & Death on the Border: Bullock Exhibit video clip,

      • (Links to an external site.)

B. Border Bandits, director Kirby Warnock, film trailer