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examine the topic of Good versus Evil in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. What is Lewis’ message about Good and Evil? How is this conflict revealed and explored? Who are the chief players? Are these two forces only revealed in a black and white manner, or are there gray areas?

1. a title page, with your own, original title for your essay. (“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” or “Final Essay” or “Theme Essay” are NOT acceptable titles.)

2. an introduction which includes a thesis statement that states the theme (a main idea, the author’s message, the lesson) of the novel, using one of the topics above as your focus. (Note: this is NOT a statement of intent, as in “This essay will examine the reasons why…” Instead, this is a theme statement that can begin with the phrase “The theme of this story is that…” followed by an answer to the question of what the author’s viewpoint/message/lesson is regarding the topic you have chosen from the list above.)

3. well-organized body paragraphs, each of which contains:

· a main idea or topic sentence, which identifies a literary element and links it to the theme.

· examples from the story to support your argument. These examples must be quoted (2-4 quotes per body paragraph/section) and paraphrased (expressed in your own words). Your quotes must follow the proper, MLA format and must be contextualized (woven into your sentences, rather than standing alone).

· your own analysis of the story which proves that you understand the story and your chosen essay topic about it.

4. a conclusion which at least restates your thesis statement and summarizes your topic sentences (ideally by paraphrasing), and at most also pushes your topic/argument further, which might involve: looking at the “big picture” (cultural, historical, sociological, or otherwise), further issues raised by your topic, and/or a more personal opinion concerning the topic.