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Use as many references as needed.


Although your work is not yet complete, you have invested much time in interventions, and the president is already asking for some measurable results. Summarize and prepare a meaningful summary of those results to date for the president. There are many evaluation strategies here that you have learned and practiced. It is time to see if her investment of time and money will be a payoff.

Complete the following:

  • What are 3 of the most commonly used evaluation strategies for change strategies?
  • Contrast and compare those strategies.
  • Which would you say is the best practice? Explain why.
  • Use a minimum of 1 chart in your analysis or description of a model or strategy being recommended.
  • Create 1 proposed project schedule.
  • Build a meaningful evaluation summary that would best communicate the organizational development (OD) results to the president.
  • Use at least 2 valid graduate-level sources along with the correct APA format.