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Reading: Chuang, “Social Contagion: Microbiological Class War in China” -can be found

on google-
Read Chuang, “Social Contagion: Microbiological Class War in China” and answer the following questions in at least 300 of your own words. ANY FORMAT IS FINE..numbered or
essay format does NOT matter. WATCH FOR PLAGIARISM PLEASE!! use quotations and
cite them.
1. What do the authors mean by a “political-economic” plagues? Why do they describe Covid this way, instead of simply saying it was produced by nature?
2. What are the main factors, according to the authors, that produced Covid-19? Think specifically about “the evolutionary pressure cooker of agriculture and urbanization.” What does this mean?
3. What do the authors mean when they say you cannot speak of nature as outside, or on “the periphery” of, global capitalism? Be as specific as possible, and think about your answers to questions 1 and 2.
4. Describe the Chinese state’s initial response to the emergence of Covid, on the local and national level, according to this article.
5. What do the authors think this response shows us about the nature of the contemporary Chinese state?

it is NOT reflective writing. it is for a social justice course. I chose the wrong category. you must read the article or reading provided and write in your own words answering the questions.