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You will write an essay (at least 1000 words) taking a position on the causes of secession and war. You will make an historical argument, employing both primary and secondary sources. Which particular texts you cite will depend on the argument you make. But, you must cite all of the given primary and secondary sources relevant to your argument.

Provide an introduction that leads up to a clear and specific thesis statement that tells your reader what you conclude, so your reader can assess your argument and evidence as he or she reads. Don’t use your thesis statement to tell your reader what you’ll do in the essay; tell your reader what you conclude having done it.

Provide a logical argument that builds up to your conclusion. Unless there is reason to do otherwise, go in chronological order so cause and effect are clear. You might also have an analytical organization, with each paragraph dealing with a different theme. If so, then, to the extent possible, put the events of each paragraph in chronological order.

You must provide Chicago style notes-bibliography-style footnotes for anything you refer to from a text. See the writing resources. Please provide a works cited section, using the bibliographic format.

Use these Primary Sources
Use these Secondary Sources
– The Douglass Mission pdf attached