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Use APA or MLA style in your writing and source citations. I know both well and can evaluate either style. No other style will be accepted. Again, use the proper resources so you know that citing your work correctly. The college library has great cheat sheets and tutorials listed on its website.
The paper must be at least 1000 words long. ONLY the words in your actual essay/paper will count toward this word count, meaning that your name, the name of the class, etc. will count toward the word count.
At the top of the paper, your total Word Count must be included.
Your topic is **(School Choice or School Vouchers.)**
Your Paper must include an introduction paragraph that defines the issue and problems and must include your thesis statement.
Your paper must include three points (properly separated by the proper use of paragraphs). One point must discuss the primary arguments for the use vouchers and school choice. One point must discuss the main arguments against school choice and vouchers. And, you must then argue in support of your thesis (which was for or against choice and vouchers). You can include more points, but the three areas above must make up the bulk of your paper.
You must properly cite at least two CREDIBLE sources for choice and vouchers and at least two CREDIBLE sources against. Most information on the World Wide Web is NOT credible. Wikipedia is not credible for academic research. Make sure to use sources found through the library to ensure that the sources are credible, and of course don’t hesitate to work with librarians (which are available online at the college library webpage). Four sources are the MINIMUM and more than four are recommended if you are working for a higher grade on this assignment.
Sources are to be used smoothly, clearly, and significantly in the paper. Your paper should be based on quality research and not simply what you think. When you do state your opinion, you should support your opinion with credible support, proof, or evidence.
Your paper will be evaluated for its clear and logical progression or ideas. It should be clear for the reader and make sense to the reader.
Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling will be evaluated.
There is NO need to include a cover page in your paper. Just include a title for your essay, your essay, and the proper works cited or reference page.