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Submit: Researching a Medical-ethical Quandary – Scholarly Written Assignment
In this assignment, you will write about the medical ethical issue of your choice from among the issues listed in the readings at the beginning of this module. Return to the readings from O’Rourke and Boyle concerned with Roman Catholic Church Guidelines for Medical Decisions. Review the issue of your choice from the O’Rourke and Boyle and then search for an article regarding the issue from one of the following publications.
America Magazine
L’Osservatore Romano
The Tablet
The National Catholic Reporter
You may access these at the source website and search their archives, or find an article via other means of access such as via Felician Libraries.
Write a concise summary of the Roman Catholic position on your chosen issue. Integrate the understanding of the author of the article and indicate if the author’s understanding matches the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Cite materials from our course including one citation from the resources presented by O’Rourke and Boyle. After presenting the official teaching of the Church and an understanding from an article regarding the issue, you may delve into your personal assessment of whether these positions are reasonable or not.
One to two pages double spaced
12 point font
Cite at least two sources
Follow proper APA format and style guidelines including a title page and reference page (which are not included in page count)
Make sure you review the rubric before you begin