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You may look at the cultural aspects, or the work in terms of the time period in which it was written. You may decide to compare the work you choose to another that we have read during the semester (the intertextual approach).

A solid paragraph (or two) which indicates which text you have chosen. Give an explanation as to why you would like to read that selection, and justify your decision by discussing how you want to research the work.
2) Include at least two preliminary secondary resources that you might use in the final project. Only one of these may come from the internet (and it cannot be Wikipedia or other unreliable source like or Sparknotes). To show me what you intend to use as research material, you must create an “annotated bibliography.” An annotated bibliography should be formatted as follows:
Center the words “Annotated Bibliography” following your typed and double-spaced paragraph.
Each source must be cited as you would cite it in a Works Cited page. Following the citation, provide a brief summary of the contents of the document or article. You cannot copy and paste a summary from the abstract in the Online Resources of the Vaughn library. You must show me that you have at least skimmed and understood the contents of the article.