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The literature review will be the mechanism by which the research
is viewed as a cumulative process. That makes it an integral component of the scientific
process. There are a number of steps to take in selecting the research problem and then
filtering through all of the information to find the data that substantiates the research
title that researcher have chosen or that has been assigned by an organization. Be sure
to get the details on the format and referencing style that is required since everything
presented in the paper must be attributed to the person who provided that research
material. The Internet has opened up the doors of opportunity for accessing a wealth of
in-depth research material by providing a number of open-sourced academic databases
that contain recent findings and studies. Some of the databases do require either a password
that can be obtained from the university or a small payment to join. Emerald and Science
Direct are particularly excellent sources of high-quality research material. Many other
researchers have made their published papers available online, so be sure to search Google
using specific keywords that relate to the research topic. The university library should
not be left out as an excellent place for source material.