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Final Exam- Reflective Essay
For the reflective essay, you are to choose two(2) of the five(5) course outcomes in which you have most improved. You should support this improvement by pointing to your specific coursework and feedback that you have completed/received throughout the course.Then, you are to choose one goal in which you feel that you still need to continue to work on as you move forward with writing.  Support your decision with your specific coursework and feedback that you have completed/received throughout the course.
Please note that you should follow all APA requirements for this essay ( you do not have to have a coversheet or an abstract; your references should cite the course syllabus) and should be 2 full pages in length. Please submit this assignment here in Blackboard.
Please avoid all ‘critiquing’ of the course. I should not be mentioned and you should not write about ‘liking’ and ‘disliking’ assignments. I call this fluff as it takes away from actual, important self-reflection as it is off topic from a self-reflection. Major point deductions will occur if you add ‘fluff’ to your essay instead of focusing on an honest self-reflection and progress.
To submit, click the title of this item and you will be redirected to the submission forum.
Course Outcomes as noted on the syllabus:
What I need to continue to work on is reference and citations. Feed back from instructor: Is there something I need to change or add?

Yes.  Download the APA7ENG112 Example of Research paper.doc and use as your template for this paper.

You need to include the Abstract page, Review of the Literature section with research questions and thesis, section headings, conclusion.

Read your paper slowly to be sure you have provided intext citations for any information you summarized, paraphrased, or quoted from your sources.  Chapter 22-5a-c is a great source for help integrating source material with your own ideas.

more formatting is needed for your reference citation.  Include the time stamp for the borrowed quote.

What I improved in is keeping my paper organized and on topic. I learned how to write in APA format improved and how to write a literature review, editorial text and bibliography.

Here’s feed back from peer:

  1. Did I provide enough information? Yes, I do believe you did provide enough information. It was evident that your paper was about unionization in the police department and law enforcement fraternity.
  2. Is there something I need to change or add? I would go back and look at the info provided in the example research paper the teacher provided. You’re missing many things when it comes to the format of this paper. For example, the author’s note, the abstract, and the literature review are just a few of the missing things. The example she provided also has side notes that you can click on that will give you more info as well; this was really helpful for me while I was writing this paper.
  3. Is the information clear and organized? Yes, it was
If you need more clarity on what this assignment about please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Feel free to add something Course Outcomesas well based on you knowledge as long as it stays on topic.