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Directions: Each student is responsible analyze and synthesize a Public Administration case scenario. Students will be provided a case scenario for each core area in public administration. Each essay should be a minimum of 5 pages (excluding a cove page, bibliography, appendices, or fact sheet) double spaced, paragraph format, 12-point font (Times New Roman) with 1” margins all around. Format should be consistent throughout.

Each essay should contain a full, comprehensive and theoretically sound alternatives section. This portion of the assignment assesses student’s ability to demonstrate the competency to analyze complex public sector issues, compare and contrast potential solutions, and defend courses of action by integrating and synthesizing multiple theoretical and policy perspectives.
Each analysis essay should follow the following format.
1. Facts. Summarize facts of the case
2. Issues. List the primary problem or issue. List any secondary or related problems and issues and
identify the sources or causes of the problems/issue.
3. Actors. Identify the stakeholders and those persons who have an ability to influence the outcome
of the decision. Note that stakeholders an those “influencing” are not necessarily one and the same. Also identify the person or persons with authority and/or responsibility to solve the problem.
4. Application of core concept. Identify and describe the course content used in this situation
5. Alternatives. List a least three courses of action to address the issue/solve the problem. Each
solution should be descriptive and include the strategy or process for implementation. Each
solution should use Public Administration theory to support your answer.
6. Decision. Identify which of your three alternatives you believe is the best. Describe which of your
evaluation criteria seem to be most important. Write a paragraph justifying your probable
7. Implementation and implementation obstacles. Describe how you will implement your chosen
alternative and what the major obstacles are.