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Solutions Section Worksheet


  1. Students should come to school ready to learn; teachers may be motivated to want to teach.
    1. If the students come to school/class on time and prepared with the necessary supplies ready to learn and listen to their teacher, then the teachers would be motivated to teach and not just go through motions.
    2. This solution is Feasible if the students are actually interested in learning and are encourage by parents/ guardians.
    3. You might say that it the teacher is just there for the pay check, the kid’s motivation will not matter because they’ll will show up, do the bare minimum then leave.
    4. Well at the very least they will attempt to make an effort to get paid.
    5. Teachers should get higher salary.
    6. the solution to increase teachers’ salary would mean that teachers would not have to have a second job just to make ends meet, they would want to keep teaching and ensuring the success of their students, and more young people would want to be teachers.
    7. The feasibility of this solution is quite simple. The law makers have to support our teachers
    8. Many teachers go into teaching, not for the money, but because they want to make a difference
    9. Teachers, good teachers, many times are the one constant, the one person a kid can go to and count on when having problems whether with home life or at school.

III.           School districts should have mentor ships for new teachers.

  1. School districts should have a mentor ship program or support system where the new teachers are paired with veteran teachers to help them maneuver the school system.
  2. This solution is highly Feasible because so many teachers teach purely for the love of teaching, they would be happy to pass on what they have learn over the years. The veteran teachers would be able to help the new ones manage the day-to-day stress of the job.
  3. Even with mentor ship, the lack of respect from students and colleagues still causes teachers to not return to the classrooms even just after a couple of years of teaching, especially the new and younger ones.
  4. Schools or districts should have incentives to make teachers want to come back to teaching, even after a rough year.



Developing Your Solutions

Developing Your Solutions

Write 4 pages on the solution section of your paper.

Please be aware that when I ask you to write about solutions to the problem you have already worked on, I do not expect that you will come up with something brand new (though you may!). Just report what you already know and what you discover from research about solutions that exist. The following questions are guidelines.


  1. Discuss solutions that you know of that have already been proposed and failed or were not sufficient to thoroughly deal with the problems.  Explain why these solutions failed or were limited.
  2. Write a thorough descriptions/explanations of your solutions.  Who will be affected and how?
  3. Feasibility:  Explain how the solution you have just described is feasible.
  4. Rebuttal:  How will someone who opposes the solution argue against it?  What will they say?  Who will be affected and how?
  5. Refutation:  How will you refute the argument in the rebuttal?  What common ground can you find?

Offer researched evidence for each of your responses, documenting as you go. Follow the directions from the problem section for integrating source materials.