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You can choose from the following Videos: Lawrence of Arabia Big The Godfather Apollo 13 We Were Soldiers Bridge Over the River Kwai Schindler’s List A Man for All Seasons Saving Private Ryan The Right Stuff The Devil Wears Prada Tucker Lord of the Rings You can suggest (subject to instructors’ approval) a video BUT it must have the ability to reveal ALL 7 areas below from an organizational prospective.

The assignment will require a minimum of one double spaced page per topic write up based on the following: Set up each page titling each area.
Example: Topic Leadership: Video Scene/s. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Text Integration. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Opinion/Analysis. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1. You are to view the video, extrapolating the events and examples of the concepts of management depicted in the film. 2. The material from the class and text is to be integrated into your write up and analysis including concepts, principles and theories. Example: In “The Devil Wears Prada”, Miranda (Meryl Streep) is the CEO. Describe from the video scene/s that reveal her leadership. Now use the text material to interpret it with the theories of leadership and leadership styles you understand. 3. Your opinion and analysis of the application of the concepts. Please address each of the following topics in the following order: 1. Negotiation and conflict 2. Decision Making 3. Communication 4. Company Culture 5. Leadership 6. Motivation 7. Groups/Teams THIS IS NOT A SUMMARY OF THE MOVIE OR A MOVIE REVIEW. Do not approach it that way.
You MUST follow the instructions carefully. It an exercise in understanding the concepts, principles and applications of Organizational Behavior