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Each student in the class will prepare a poster based on a recent research article (published within the past five years).

Each student should also prepare a brief presentation on their poster.


Article selection:

Select a research article that investigates the impact of a nutrient, food or dietary pattern on child health, ageing, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease risk. The article must be original research, and not a case report, review, systematic review or meta-analysis. The article must be different from those offered as seminar presentations. It is advised you pick a good quality study that you fully understand as you will be asked questions on the study.

Poster Structure:

The content will be very similar to that of the article critique and presentation but presented in a different format.

Posters should be A1 in size, and should contain the following;

  • Title

You can change the title from that published if you wish (e.g. you may only present one aspect of the article, or the title may be unreasonably long). Author names and affiliations must be listed in small font below the title.

  • Introduction

Includes a review of the critical literature that is concise and relevant, and includes important references.

  • Aim/purpose

Clearly stated, concise and correct (i.e. aligns with the experimental design).

  • Study design/methods

Clear and concise. Identifies the most important methods with respect to the outcome of the article. The methods are presented in a logical order. Figure(s) are clear and useful.

  • Results

Clear, concise and states the most relevant findings. Tables and/or figures are clear and referred to in the text.

  • Discussion/conclusion

Clear, concise and shows understanding of the findings in the broader context of the relevant research field. Outlines the limitations of the study.

You will also be marked on:

  • Academic writing

Clear, concise and appropriate use of grammar and vocabulary.

  • Design

Well organised (easy to follow), attractive design. Easy to read. Some text interspersed with figures and tables. Not crowded. Appropriately referenced.

Example marking sheet:

Presenters Name:    
Category Comments/justification Mark
Poster content (50%)

– Contains all aspects required to understand the study

– Of high academic standard





Poster design (20%)

– Eye catching

– Easy to follow

– Holds interest?






Presentation (10%)

– Clearly articulate rationale, aim, main findings conclusion






Questions (20%)

– Concisely and accurately answered