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The Briefing Note is written for a high-level official of the Government of Canada, like: the Prime Minister of Canada, the Minister of National Defence, the Deputy Minister of National Defence or the Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces.


The objective of the Briefing Note is to inform the reader of the document about an important tactical issue pertaining to the security and defence of



Both pages of the Note should not include any foot-notes or bibliographical notes. Simply use numbers for end-notes. The end-notes, if any, should appear on the third page with the last page of

the assignment used for listing bibliographical resources.


At least six references drawn from refereed journal articles, books or official government documents

and reports should be used. An emphasis should be on official government documents and reports.

So much so that all six references can be official government documents and reports. This is valid for the Briefing Note assignment only. Poor spelling and grammar will be reflected in your grade.


The Briefing Note assignment will be graded on: (1) Succinctness: this is not an academic paper. This is a document aimed at informing one very busy, high-level Government of Canada decision-maker

about the key details of an important issue. (2) Structure: based on the format below; (3) Grammar.

An example of what this assignment should look like has been uploaded