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The essay is on ‘Francis Cecil Sumner’  I will copy and paste the instructions from the professor here-

APA research paper, you are required to select a Pioneering Person of Color from either the Mental Health or Psychology fields as your research topic to write your final paper. Your paper must be 5 pages, no less than or more than five (5) pages, including a Cover page, Body of the paper, and Reference page. You must follow ALL APA formatting and style requirements.

Your APA research paper must include your pioneering person’s:

  1. Personal history (brief)
  2. Education
  3. Landmarks & Contributions
  4. Publications
  5. What did you learn about this pioneer?
  6. How do you feel/think his or her contributions have enhanced the fields of Mental Health or Psychology?
I already did the title page if you can write it on this doc.