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MuChoose ONE of the personal or interpersonal skills which you believe you could develop to become more effective in your role as in managing and relating to staff.

For example:

  • Conflict Management

Analyse what

                        *What you currently do well

*What you need to do better


Explore the literature and develop a  plan for your development/improvement. You will need to demonstrate evidence of wide reading and the ability to link theory and practice.

Summarise your action plan for implementation. This can be submitted as an appendix.

Both pieces will be submitted via the LMS CANVAS

Please note that because of the interactive nature of this subject, attendance with webcam activated and participation in discussion will be considered as part of the final grade.


Possible Structure

Some people have requested more information on how to structure 2nd assignment. Below is a SUGGESTION only for those who are stuck! In general, read the criteria sheet which provides a rubric.

1. Choose a topic/skill.

2. Explain why you have chosen this skill to develop.

3. Complete a literature review on the skill.

4. Develop a discussion around how you will develop the skill with reference to both the literature and your reason for working on it.

5. Identify possible barriers and how they might be overcome.

6. How will you measure your success? Milestones? Support?

7. A diagrammatic summary in the form of an action plan. (Can be an appendix)

Must reference all reading from the files I gave , you can pull the diagram from it. besides the reading I gave all your sources need to be acdemic/ scholar  sources.
The files call “Self analysis” Self analysis proforma” indicates some of the work situation I meet.