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original screenplay

  • As a group come up with an original screenplay. Each person in the group should have a character that they will represent by memorizing and acting out the part in the drama enactment for the final performance. Since we are working Online, you will have to be creative. You can use Collaborate, Zoom, YouTube or any other technology to make your mini-movie.
  • The play should be roughly 7-15 pages/minutes, double-spaced, and follow the scriptwriting format exampled in ENG 311. (1 page of writing roughly equals 1 minute of performance — you will need to time it.)
  • Setting and stage directions need to be written into the script but should not be read aloud in the play/ screen rendition.
  • A knowledge of your character’s should be apparent and interactions between characters should show intellectual creativity, while the overall performance should be fluid. The stage should be set as your written directions dictate and your room should arrange the chairs and stage so they place the audience how you want them in order to maximize the performance.
  • Your performance should be between 15 and 20 minutes long.
  • You will present the performance electronically, whatever the format. You can submit a filmed version of your drama project in any format as long as it uploads to Blackboard.
  • Setting should be developed with props and scenery where appropriate. Video and/or sound may also be used to create setting.
  • Costumes should be used to reflect the character and plot parameters of your script.
 Be creative. You can add commercials, get meta (talk to the camera)— etc. Just have fun with it.