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A Nutritionallows the nurse to determine whether the client is malnourished or at risk of malnourishment due to primary (inadequate intake of nutrients) or secondary (caused by disease or iatrogenic effects) factors.

For this assignment, identify a person aged 65 years or older. Interview this person using the Nutritional Assessment and Intervention Guide. You will need access to a scale and a tape measure.

Use this information to complete the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA). Consider the MNA score and the assessment data when identifying the nutritional health problems and nursing interventions.

Complete the completed attached Nutritional Assessment and Intervention Guide form based on a patient or a volunteer family member/friend.

Use the MNA guide to learn about the different components of the Mini Nutritional Assessment.

Complete the Mini-Nutritional Assessment scoring tool.

Based on your assessment, identify

  1. The malnutrition indicator Score
  2. Four nutrition-related health problems identified
  3. Four Nursing interventions to improve nutrition status and overall health.