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Nationalism and Empire

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This week we have Nationalism, again, and a focus on Asia.  Particularly interesting is the Opium Wars in China.  When thinking about these wars, you should consider the natures of capitalism and race.  Why is it that Great Britain felt it had the right to force its goods upon China? More so, do you think the Brits knew they were “hooking a country” on a volatile and dangerous product?

Folks, this time . . .  That is because I want you to focus on bringing out the details and world connections for your women’s assignment.  Remember, show how this woman connects to more than just one place and time.  You can submit that Sunday.

Alongside the Opium Wars, in which opium comes from poppy seeds (makes you think twice about your lemon-poppyseed chicken or the morning lemon poppyseed muffin . . . ), think about how the book portrays British actions, the lectures, and what the documents say.  The lecture uses the phrase that the British were keen to not interfere with Indian cultural life.  From everything you have seen so far, and in these documents for this lesson, what do you think is the truth?