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Using the readings,, and any other sources you can find, write a 5-10 page paper defining museums, why they are important, how they fit into the modern world, drawbacks to museums, and a campaign that you could make to explain this importance to various stakeholders. You must use at least 3 sources for this paper. Course references including the videos are great resources, but you also need to use at least 1 peer-reviewed scientific journal article. The best resources for finding these are the SCOUT search system at or using Make sure that your works cited and citations are in APA format and that you reference every source that you use in the paper. This is worth half of your grade, so take some time on this assignment.
80 points total
2 points – At least 5 pages
7 points – Defines museums
7 points – Explains importance of museums
7 points – Explains how museums fit into the modern world
7 points – Explains the drawbacks to museums (including ethical issues)
32 points – Campaign to explain the importance of museums
               8 points – Defines museums for the audience
               8 points – Explains importance of museums to audience
               8 points – Explains stakeholders involved
               8 points – Tailors message to different stakeholders (For example, how would you change your message for someone who owns a business you want to invest in a museum versus convincing someone in the community to visit and donate to a museum?)
               2 points – Uses at least 3 sources
               2 points – Uses at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article
               4 points – All sources cited appropriately
               4 points – Uses APA format
Spelling and Grammar
               3 points – Contains few spelling errors
               3 points – Contains few grammatical errors