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in a planned response of at least 120 words, answer ONE of the questions below.  Make sure to do justice to the complexity of the question, and please make sure to include a quote from the article in your answer.  Then, in a planned response of at least 120 words, comment on a peer’s response.  These responses can be to a different question than the one you chose to answer.
Please remember to fully and authentically engage with both the article and with a peer.  No credit will be given to answers and responses that are just padded without real engagement.  Always think critically.
Choice #1
Explain your reaction to reading that millennials are “living under the constant influence of their friends” (Stein 655).  Do you believe this is true?  Is such “constant influence” in any way damaging?  Explain your answer.
Choice #2
Is it true?  Are millennials especially narcissistic as Joel Stein explains?  So what?  Why does it matter?  Explain your answer.
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