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Research Paper (250 or more points/50 Percent of Grade):– The paper is expected to be four- five pages in length and is to be on the significance of anyconcept(s), document(s) or event(s) discussed in class that you feel passionate about. Forexample, an acceptable topic could be the costs and benefits of:– Media vs Freedom of Speech– Socialism– Civil Rights Act– Civil Obedience_ Civil Liberties_ Covid-19 vs. GovernmentYou need to write about the topic as though each side of the argument is correct, and then youare required to write what you think about it and why. Thus, your paper should be formatted asfollowing – (all pages should be numbered):APA Style1. Cover Page2. Content/Index Page3. Introduction Page4. Comparison5. Contrast6. Conclusion/include argument7. Annotated Bibliography Page (5 or more resources )8. Reference Page (5 or more)