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APPAREL AND FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY IN THE UAE !!!!!!! Group Project: Marketing Plan Guide – Spring 2022

First: The Marketing Plan Content:

Each student will be allocated to an industry and a group of 4 or 5 students. Each group will be asked to develop a marketing plan for a product of their choice – this product is from the allocated industry.

When preparing the group marketing plans, it is important to draw on research to support your critical analysis and application of concepts. It is essential that your research is referenced. Correct referencing is important because it identifies the source of the ideas and arguments that you present, and sometimes the source of the actual words you use, and helps to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

The marketing plan should be guided by the following outline:

1-    Title Page:

Please make sure that you write.

  • The industry and the brand names
  • The names and numbers of the group members
  • Group number
  • Course CRN number

2-    Introduction:

Very briefly write an introduction to your plan. Introduce the industry and the company/brand your business will operate in.


3-    Industry Overview & External Environmental Analysis

Provide a brief overview of the industry your business will operate in including a short history and the size of the industry. Also. Provide a brief External Environmental Analysis

4-    Competitor Analysis

  • Identify two direct competitors (competitors can be easily identified from the Euromonitor report)
  • Compare your brand with the selected direct competitors in terms of marketing mix elements (4Ps)
  • If exist, it is recommended to look at the social media accounts of your brand and the competing brands (you can examine a maximum of 3 social media platforms). The table below shows an example of reviewing the social media platforms for three soft drinks companies (Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Red Bull)

8-  References using APA formatting

    You are expected to use APA formatting for references.

  • Include an in-text citation after each point listed in your report that you have taken from secondary resources. E.g. (Frances, 2019, p. 15)
  • Include a complete reference list at the end of each part of this project.
  • Do not use sources that are not credible such as MBA Skool, SlideShare, PESTLE analysis,, Study Moose, and Marketing 91 among others.
  • You will want to search CREDIBLE sources on the internet as well as the Zayed University Library databases (

Second: The Marketing Plan Format:

The marketing plan should be

1-    No more than 12 pages

2-    Use Times New Roman 11-point font with double spaced.

3-    Include page numbers.

4-    Use heading and subheadings as well as section numbers

Third: The Marketing Plan Submission

  • This Marketing Plan should be submitted through SafeAssign in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Only one member of the group is required to submit the Marketing Plan on behalf of the group. Not all group members are required to submit the plan.
  • Reports containing plagiarism will be awarded zero and all group members will be reported for academic dishonesty.

Fourth: Team Work

1-    Students will be graded on the overall content of the entire report. As it is a group project, it is very important that all sections flow together (coherency and consistency). It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that the workload is equitable between team members.

2-    Teams experiencing problems with one member should report this immediately to the instructor. At the end of the project, all members will evaluate each group member overall contribution to the project. If the average of your contribution was less than 75%, that member’s project grade will be adjusted accordingly.

3-    It is a requirement that all students write and develop their Group Project in a Google Doc that has been shared with your instructor. All work must be organically developed within that document (nothing should be pasted or directly typed in from another document). You must be signed in to your own Gmail account when editing. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a 0 grade for the assignment.