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Mar 8, 2022 at 09:26

Note that for this forum, you will not be able to see other students’ posts until you have made your own initial post.

This discussion forum will require a minimum of 2 posts. Be sure you address each of the below criteria to ensure you have fully completed the assignment.

  • Review the three articles posted in Marketing Week 1, and fully read two of the three.
  • Determine which of the articles will serve as the focus of your initial post.
  • Make your initial post for your selected article as follows:
    • Using the format provided in the abbreviated example at this link, make an initial post to this forum in Canvas, in which you write 1-2 paragraphs on each of the 5 pillars of marketing. Note that you begin with a brief overview and conclude with your Closing Thoughts. While only 2 or 3 pillars may be explicitly covered in an article (although, sometimes all 5 are), you should use intuition and judgement to discuss or project how the “uncovered” pillars are impacted. For instance, if an article about McDonald’s introducing a vegan burger did not mention pricing or promotion, what do you think the pricing strategy should be? What are good ways for McDonald’s to promote the product given its target market(s)? (The Promotion section of the example post demonstrates this.) This initial post should be a graduate-level response that shows a clear understanding of the marketing themes and their implications. This should be more than an article summary; add your own thoughts and observations. This portion of the assignment is due the Wednesday of Marketing Week 2 by 11:59 pm Central time.
    • Type your post directly into the forum; do not attach your write-up as an attachment.
  • Make your subsequent posts, as follows:
    • After making your initial post and before Sunday at 11:59 pm during Marketing Week 2, respond with an insightful reply to the initial post of at least one classmate who analyzed a different article than the one you chose. Your reply should be substantive (i.e., much more than an “I agree” or “great post” type of reply). In other words, the reply should add to and move the discussion forward – as opposed to repeat the evaluation of the initial post.

Your initial post contributes approximately 70% of your discussion grade while substantive replies contribute the balance.