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macroeconomic theories and models using a national or global even


Students will apply and analyze macroeconomic theories and models using a national or global event. This event may be current, historical, political, or social.  Students must find and research at least five academic articles to conduct their analysis.  Students will use articles to write a paper making and defending a claim or argument regarding the event.  This is NOT a paper about what happened, but about why it happened, how it happened, or what will happen as a result.

Part I. Introduction 

Students should present their thesis in the introduction. Students should state the event and its significance (why research this topic?), and the macroeconomic theories and or models used to analyze and posit the student’s perspective. 

Part II. Research 

Students must use macroeconomic language and provable microeconomic statements. Students must use data from appropriate and relevant websites to validate the thesis.  Students must include some visual element (chart, graph, etc.) to present evidence and support thesis.

Part III. Conclusion 

How did the macroeconomic analysis and research change your perspective?  What did you learn from your research?

Part IV. 

Bibliography and Work Cited pages 


1” margin all around. 


7 pages minimum, not including the title and work cited pages.