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Letter to the Jury for Drunk Driving
I also want your client to write a research essay on BAC, specifically how much alcohol it would take to get to a .225 at his/her height and weight. This was the tested BAC of your client on the date of the arrest. I also want him/her to write what it would take her him/her to be at a .08. The essay should also reflect how long it takes for alcohol to be eliminated from the body. The essay should further include how alcohol affects the body when the levels of BAC go up while drinking in excess. After I receive this essay, I may require a meeting.

Because it’s on the height and weight of me so I’m 5”2 and 126 lbs so they want to know how much alcohol and what damage it can do to me while drinking … I got a DUI and I have an essay to write I’m so busy I don’t have time I’m already writing the first 2 paragraphs I just need help with this last one