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What do the definitions of health communication teach about the design of effective health communications? In this Discussion, you explore the relationship between the key characteristics of health communication and a message ’s effectiveness. Before reading this chapter, how would you have defined health communication and its role in changing attitudes and behaviors? Has your definition changed after reading the Learning Resources?

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week ’s Learning Resources.
  • Specifically, review “Defining Health Communication”(pp. 4 – 9) and“Health Communication in the Twenty-First Century: Key Characteristics and Defining Features” (pp. 9 – 22) in Schiavo (2014).
  • Recall a personal experience in which a health message or encounter (e.g., with a health care provider) influenced your attitudes, behavior, or health decisions.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a comprehensive response for the following:

  • Describe the health message or encounter. Be sure to identify the sender, the message, and the communication channel in your description.
  • What factors in the health message or encounter influenced your attitude, behavior, or health decision? Apply the different attributes and key characteristics of health communication in your response.
  • Was the message effective in changing your attitudes, behavior, and/or health decision? Explain.
  • In general, which two factors (i.e., attributes, key characteristics) do you think most define health communication and why?
  • Provide specific examples in your response.
  • Support your post with the Learning Resources. Outside scholarly sources can be used, but they should supplement the Learning Resources instead of replace them