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Statement of the Problem

Include the purpose statement from the study in your own words, which should include both the IV and DV in the purpose statement (e.g., “The purpose of the study was to implement (treatment) on (target behavior)”).  Discuss why it was socially significant (important) to conduct this study.

Participants and Setting

State who the participants were and where the study took place.

Dependent Variable(s)

Label and include the operational definition of the target behavior(s).  Use your own words or, if quoting, make sure to include an appropriate in-text citation following APA format.  Describe the specific measurement type(s) used to collect data on the target behavior(s).  The name of the measurement type(s) should be ones we’ve covered in class.  Keep in mind that different DVs may be measured differently.

Independent Variable(s)

Describe the interventions and treatments used in the study. Each component (phase) of the instruction (you can identify these from the article’s Sub headers) should be separated into separate paragraphs, utilizing the Sub header sections below so it’s easier to digest the information. Describe the treatment integrity procedure. If there was not a treatment integrity procedure, explicitly mention this. Separate each phase / component / procedure into a separate heading.


Describe what baseline looked like and what contingencies were in place for the target behavior(s).

Sub header

As stated above, describe each component of the intervention procedure separately to make it easier to digestusing these sub headers.  Use the same sub headers utilized in the IV section of the article you are reviewing (e.g., Public Speaking article: Awareness training (AT), Post-AT assessment, etc.; Smoking article: Reducing, Abstaining, etc.; Interview Skills article: Individualized Training Components, Training, Posttraining, etc.).  Describe what each looked like and what contingencies (how did they consequate the behavior?) were in place for the target behavior(s).

Sub header

Same as above sub header.

Sub header

Same as above sub header.

Research Design

Name and describe the research design used in the study.  The research design should be one of the ones we discussed previously in class (e.g., multiple baseline, reversal, etc).


Summarize the most important findings with specific numerical data (the objective data side, not subjective statements like “the behavior improved.”).  If your article does not provide specific numbers to you in the results section, use the graph to estimate some averages / numbers during baseline and treatment.

Analysis & Critique

Provide an overall statement about the effectiveness of the procedure.  Explain any limitations (avoid “more subjects” as that does not apply to single-subject research!!!) and strengths of the study.  Consider the behavioral principles we’ve covered in class and identify at least one that was used in the study.  You are welcome to include any of your own thoughts about the article here too!  Anything you particularly liked or did not like about the article can be included.


Author, F. M. (Year of publication). Title of article. Name of Journal ArticleEdition Numberpages.