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Choose two individuals in middle adulthood (40 – 65) to interview. Try to select individuals who will be comfortable discussing their life experiences and expectations of middle adulthood. Remember, generativity v stagnation is the psychosocial interest. Are people generative and productive (family, work, org) or stagnant in midlife? Consider why generativity is so meaningful and important in middle adulthood?

Use the questions listed below to structure your interviews. You may want to make a few notes or use your phone to record your conversation. Of course, get permission from your interviewee before you write or record any information. Prepare a written summary narrative (minimum of 400 words) of your interviews. Present three new insights gained from this information and assignment. What did you learn?

Your write-up should be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font and double spaced.   Place your name at the top of the page, single space, and begin your narrative. Set 1″ margins for each side of the document. A title page is not necessary. No need to include interview transcripts or field notes. Include word count.


Is this how you anticipated midlife to be? Has middle adulthood met your expectations? Are you living the life you imagined for middle adulthood?

What are the main distinctions between how you perceived middle adulthood and the reality of middle  adulthood?

What could you have done differently to change middle adulthood? Would you do anything differently?

Explain generativity v. stagnation to your interviewees, followed by: Do you think the concept is relevant. Might you provide an example?

What advice about midlife satisfaction would you extend to an 18-year-old full of dreams and ambition?