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Write a 5-7 page paper (typed & double spaced with normal 1” margins and Times New Roman 12-point font) assessing the benefits of Reiki for oneself (Reiki Level 1) and/or others (Reiki Level 2) healing by answering the following questions using course material and external sources.  Cite according to APA or ASA standards; Given it is a senior-level course, you are graded on the flawless use of both in-text (Author Year: Page) and bibliographic citations (Surname, Given. Year. Book Title. Publishing City: Publisher).  Avoid answering the questions sequentially, but rather choose to incorporate the bulleted ideas into answering the questions holistically.



What have I learned about myself and society in this course?  What are the benefits and limitations of Reiki healing in (a) myself, (b) others, and (c) creating a more socially just world?  How can I integrate what I learned sociologically about society, and psychologically/ philosophically/ metaphysically about myself as a mind-body-emotional-soul being to transform both myself and society?


Helpful Hints

  • What have I learned about myself in this course?
    • Use your journals and classroom discussions as a guide. W e did this work for a reason!  Delve deeply into this question by drawing upon the social psychology and sociology of understanding the self.
    • Compare your Week 1 self with the Week 10 self.  Analyze your journals for growth and document that in your write-up.  You may quote from your journals, too, if you’d like.  Use single-spaced block quotes for direct quotes longer than 3 lines.
    • Assess the good and bad.  But, with the bad, explain how those “shadow” sides in a way that is compassionate and mindful for growth on your life’s journey.
    • What did you learn about who your authentic self is?  See this self through the eyes of compassion instead of judgment.
  • What are the benefits and limitations of Reiki healing in (a) myself, (b) others, and (c) creating a more socially just world?  How can I integrate what I learned to transform both myself and society?
    • Bring in your annotated bibliographies so you can use what you already know and learned.  We have a lot of readings that are rich with data, concepts, theories, and ideas you can use to show how fixing yourself can impact society by transforming social structures.  This is not a hard answer to do, but you need to have done the readings and the annotated bibliographies to do this right.
    • Avoid the “education” route to explain how you can transform society.  That’s a very simple answer.  Many “educated” people believed what authoritarian leaders had to say, and vote for the candidate or party of authoritarianism, leading to the oppression of billions.  Delve deeper into the readings to explain how individual changes impact society through the transformation of social norms and empowerment of the individual and groups.
    • Bring in external research on the benefits of Reiki from the IARP and Google Scholar, compare your own observations with your practice on yourself and others.
    • Identify the feelings you felt (or didn’t feel) when you “reiki’ed the situation” of global or community situations.  How did the energy exchange feel when you did or didn’t shield yourself energetically or set those energetic boundaries?
    • What might be the problems or limitations of sending Reiki to others, or if others consistently request Reiki sharing from you but don’t work on themselves or share back equitably with you, or sending “reiki to a situation”?  Bring it back to the ethics of consent.



Thesis Statement and Focus (5%)

Conclusion (5%)

Structure of Argument (10%)

Writing Quality & Grammar (15%)

Description of Evidence & Use of Examples (20%)

Linkage to Course Material, including Readings, Lectures, and Discussions (20%)

Independent and Critical Throughout (10%)

Uses ASA, MLA, or APA Citations In-Text and Bibliography Correctly & Follows Instructions (10%)