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important of health plan

You will write an 8 page DETAILED paper on choosing a health insurance plan that meets the needs of family/situation of your choice that must include 2+ people and one or more chronic diseases. You can include, occupation,  living situation, region of the country you live in (this impacts income and spendng alot) etc. as all of this influences choosing a healthcare plan-no more than 2 pages outlining this

*you have 4 dependants and your income is 65k.

 The remainder of the paper must be the compare and contrast of the below information. Throughout the paper you will outline the needs of the family and what is important to you in the chosen health plan. You will then compare and contrast the capabilities, the copayments, deductibles, physician services etc. between 5 health plans (Aetna, Blue Cross, Kaiser, UnitedHealth, HMO, PPO, Bronze, Silver, Gold,  & Medicare (if eligible) etc.  –it doesn’t have to be just these, these are examples ). Out of those 5 plans you will then choose and defend your reasoning for the choice you make for your family based on health need, finance etc. You will compare the charges, copays, restrictions etc. Please do not give your personal information to websites in is possible to get the needed information without it. 

Again, the details of your family and situation should be no more than 2 pages. The remaining should be devoted to the compare and contrast of the plans and how it meets or does not meet your needs.

You can find this information on the California exchange you choose “shop and compare” in the right hand corner. You also can go on to general websites such as Blue Cross, Sharp Health Plan etc. 

You cannot choose Medicaid or Medicare  as your only  health plan coverage regardless of income. 

 The 8 pages does not include cover page or works cited.

1’’ margins

Double spacing

12 Times New Roman or Garamond Font


The break down of the paper is:

Pages 1-2: Introduction/family setup/situation 

Pages 3-7: One page per contrasting health plan and determining what are the procs and cons 

Page 8: Concluding paragraph determining what health plan you chose and why it worked best for your family situation, the costs of the plan and what elements the plan had that met the needs of the chronic illness.