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This class requires a paper project with a focus on a current area related to health care information technology. Many of your will work in the health care arena and all of you have read your text on health care information systems and technology.  The COVID19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our “normal” way of life, which directly or indirectly has an impact of the health care system.

As a future Health Care Administration leader,  and as a result of COVID19, what health care information system (s) or technologies would you implement or improved which directly impacts the patient or health care system or general health operations?  You may develop your own health information system or technology for this project, however it should focus on the impact of COVID19 on the health care system.  If you have any questions about this project, please post your question in the Q&A section in Week 4 or email me directly. 

The submission for this project should be six to seven pages, which includes a title page and reference page.  The project should be double- spaced, in size 12, New Times Roman.  In addition, this paper project should include, at least four references using APA formatting, from resources other than class material. Your paper be checked by for plagiarism.  Papers should NOT have greater than a 20% match.