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In the final presentation you individually discuss one of the lecture themes and how this theme relates to a real-world, contemporary issue. For example, you can discuss how the Social Psychology of Racism applies to current day intergroup situations within China (e.g., relationships between different ethnic groups). Another example is how political ideology may drive international relations such as Hong Kong Chinese people’s perception of “the West vis-a-vis China”. Be sure to focus on the psychological aspects of your topic.

If you have any difficulty deciding on a topic, my advice is to wrestle with the central question that recurs during all the lectures in this course, namely: the question of how social and physical contexts interact with our individual psychology to steer our behaviors into certain directions.
This presentation is about 20mins, so i need a sepreate ppt and a sepreate speck note( maybe at least 1500 word)
Also I upload the lecture ppt of this course, and if you have any question plz message me.