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What do you think about this topic?  Is freedom of speech unassailable, and should be protected at all costs, or are there times when it should be censored or prosecuted for what it may imply or encourage people to do?  If there are limits, what are they?  Does free speech exist, or is it up for us, or the government, to define it?

Read and review the section in the book covering Rogerian Argument beginning on page 192.  For our purposes, we will be utilizing Rogerian Argument for this essay. 

Use ALL of the support material you were assigned for your homework this past week.  Cite each source at least once in your essay.

“The Case for Censoring Hate Speech” p. 167
“The Unfree Speech Movement” p. 171
“On Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes” p. 174
“Intimidation Is the New Normal” p. 177
“Talking Past Each Other on Free Speech” p. 182